The Demystified Vine

Taking the mystery out of wine exploration!

Fact: This is one juicy Rosé.
Opinion: If you don’t go out and try this Rosé, you will seriously regret it. (Hey! It’s my opinion!)

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh wait…

At 11.1% abv, this light-bodied bottle of light pink gorgeousness is one that will please. From the Okanagan Valley, BC, it is bursting, and I mean b u r s t i n g, with luscious strawberry, cranberry, and a sprinkle of white pepper on the bouquet. The palate aims to please with its just as succulent raspberry, sweet preserved cherry, and a darker pepper infusion. There is a medium length finish from the splendour in this bottle, and it provides the slightest bit of tartness.

So where did it get its beauty? Pinot Meunier and Gamay grapes. Yup. I said it.

Pinot “Dusty Miller” Meunier, is a varietal that is used widely to make the ever-popular Champagne (typically made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay). The Pinot Meunier varietal is not as fussy as Pinot Noir, and so winemakers prefer it to its counterpart. The word “Meunier”, when translated, means “miller”. This term was given to this varietal because of the dusty flour-like coating on the underside of the vine leaves. How cool is that?!

Gamay, on the other hand, is another French varietal, which is used to make Beaujolais. It is said to have first been seen in the village of Gamay in the 1300s. Hard to believe that it might have been around that long! The Gamay grape is also less sensitive than Pinot Noir, and is said to be easier to cultivate. Gamay provides characteristics of, “vibrant youthful fruit expressions reminiscent of bright crushed strawberries and raspberries” which is probably where those distinctly attractive fruit flavors came from.

…Just go buy it already.


A Review in a Review:
“This was, indeed, the Rosé that made me enjoy Rosés.” – Valerie Stride, Wine Lover

Contact your local Private BC Wine Store for availability.

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