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I’m going to make things easy here, so listen up. Merlot is still cool, and it always has been. Don’t listen to what they say in bad movies like Sideways. Merlot is not a chick wine (What is that anyway?), and it’s not a wine for those who can’t take the heat in the kitchen. Moreover, if you’re looking for that soul mate Merlot, The Vibrant Vine is where you’re going to find a long lasting friendship.

Photo Copyright Valerie Stride 2012

Photo Copyright Valerie Stride 2012

Before I give my splash on this wine, let me allow Ted Tanguay, one of the The Vibrant Vine’s awesome employees, to share his reflection on the 2009 Merlot: “My personal thoughts on this wine? This is a wine that I am proud to present to customers with a nose of ripe black fruit (cherries, plums, currents, blackberries, and anise) that carries through to the palate with a lovely smoke and pepper that is finished off with soft round tannins.” Quoted and delivered. You heard it here, folks!

So, shall I disagree with Ted? I can’t. He hit the nail on the head. However, since I’m writing a blog…

This “Fab Five” Kelowna-based vineyard out of the Okanagan Valley sure knows how to make a Merlot. For a wine only 3 years old, this deep ruby bottle of exquisiteness packs a good fruit punch with amazingly graceful tannins. (No, not fruit punch, like the drink!) You wouldn’t think it was storing 14.6% abv, nor would you expect the quality it had for only $25.00 CAD. This is a steal. I have been talking about this wine since I bought it at the winery in late May, and as my partner eagerly awaited me to uncork this bottle last night at my wine tasting, I will bashfully admit I knew it would wow the guests.

Black cherries, blackberries, black pepper, and black chocolate (Okay, it was dark chocolate…run with it) were all eagerly jumping out of the glass. I put the nose intensity at medium+, but then again, I was inhaling this bouquet for a while. The palate also brimmed with black fruits, and there was this romantic dance of cinnamon and toasted oak that lingered on long after the sip was gone. (Where is that poetry coming from?) In other words, this wine had a long length finish, and the well-integrated oak made it just so easy to like. I believe this 2009 Merlot is a product that could be cellared for up to another 2 years, but why wait? Yes, valid question. You’ll see.

Oh, and while I am at it: I won’t mention that The Vibrant Vine’s packaging is fun, animated, and colorfully eye-catching. The 2009 Merlot bottle is super extraordinary since its label is painted on with, wait for it… glow in the dark goodness. Who says drinking wine in the dark can’t be fun? In any case, The Vibrant Vine may use flashy packaging, but their wine is serious sophistication.

You can find The Vibrant Vine’s products in Vancouver here.


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