The Demystified Vine

Taking the mystery out of wine exploration!

Happy Holidays, everyone! My partner and I, being the wine geeks that we are, decided to make holiday carols a bit more interesting this year! By using the song rhythms of popular carols, we created our own lyrics — but about wine! Each week prior to Christmas, I will be posting one song. Enjoy them, laugh, and share them with others! Here’s the first.

Sippin’ on a White Dessert Wine
(White Christmas)

I’m sippin’ on a white dessert wine…
Made up from grapes picked late last fall!
On long-hanging bunches,
Botrytis munches,
And kicks up Brix and minerals.

I’m sippin’ on a white dessert wine
It tastes of oranges that are sweet
It’s a really noble conceit!
Who knew that fungus could just be so neat?

I’m sippin’ on a white dessert wine…
And with ev’ry single sip I take
I’m dreaming of white chocolate cake!
I hope that m’liver will cut me a break!

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