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Hello all you wine lovers! Well, we are a mere few days away from the “end” of this holiday season, and on that note, I am posting the final installment of the holiday-inspired wine carols that Mr. Martin Knowles and I created a number of weeks back. We both hope that you have been enjoying these as much as we have! We’ve been receiving positive responses to our efforts, and are so happy to hear folks have been having fun with our parodies. With that…here is “Two-Buck the Red Fruit Cabbie” for your wine carols pleasure! Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

Two-Buck the Red Fruit Cabbie

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Two-buck the red fruit Cabbie
Had a very nasty nose
And if you ever tried it
You would even say it’s gross.

All of the other critics
Use to laugh and call it names!
They would reserve poor Two-buck
For their blind tasting games!

Then one sunny Napa day,
Parker came to say
Cabbie with your fruit so bright
You can fool most folks tonight!

Then all the critics loved it
And they shouted out with glee!
Two-buck our 99 Cabbie
You’ll go down in history!

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