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Another Wine Bloggers Conference came and went, and of course, none of it would have happened without the support of the sponsors.

This year, I was provided with a generous scholarship to the 2014 WBC in Santa Barbara, California, and I was (and still am) wholeheartedly thankful that I had the opportunity to learn and grow as a wine blogger, interact with such passionate and amazing professionals, and visit a fantastic wine region of the world!

I would first like to thank Zephyr Adventures for hosting this amazing conference. Your dedication to helping people “move…taste…learn” is why this conference is always such a success. There are veterans who attend the Wine Bloggers Con year after year because they seek out the types of adventures that you provide. I’m hooked, too. Thank you.

photo(31)It was a most sincere pleasure speaking with Katie and Whitney of Nomacorc again this year at the conference. Nomacorc specializes in zero carbon footprint wine bottle closures. The science will astound you, in addition to making you wonder why this technology wasn’t around sooner. We’re talking closure options for winemakers who can “choose [their] optimal oxygen ingress […] to accommodate bottle aging as the winemaker intended”. How amazing is that? Thank you.



photo(32)Nothing is complete without chocolate. Stafford’s Famous Chocolates were on board during the opening reception to share their artistic goodies with us blogger folk. I’m hard pressed not to point out that their dark chocolate almond bark was to die for! I’m still wondering why Stafford’s Chocolates can’t be the next big food group. Hello!? Thank you.



photo(30)Bevmo had also set-up shop during the opening reception. It was very cool to learn more about this liquor store whose focus is on wine, spirits, liquor, beer, microbrews, and other treats. This California-based corporation was educating us on their products and services, which range from assisting brides & grooms with their libation choices to offering case lot specials. Thank you.



photo(34)Banfi, let me tell you, Joe Janish (Director of Public Relations) knows how to throw a great party. It was also great to share and learn more about the Banfi vision of “offering wines of superior quality, and fostering the appreciation of wine through education”. It was great to try your 2012 Centine, and well, I’ve always been a fan. (Just recently opened a 2008 Chianti Classico Riserva…*drool*) Thank you.



photo(35)Aside from attending informative and engaging sessions on wine and wine blogging, I had the chance to talk with Kevin Byrne and Gabe Medeiros, who are involved with Beverage Grades – a recent project that focuses on “fingerprinting” wine and using its chemical DNA to help consumers decide on purchases or help them with health concerns like sugar or pesticide levels in a wine. I was flabberghasted; this stuff is pretty awesome. Thank you.



photo(33)I can’t forget to mention Duckhorn Vineyards and Rutherford Hill’s wondeful contribution to the conference. Not only did they sponsor the conference, but they also put on an amazing Merlot tasting called “#Merlot Me”. You provided a great experience for a number of us bloggers to dig deeper into wines that are unanimously considered “good vino”. Thank you.



photo(36)WordPress, oh WordPress, how could we be bloggers without you? I am a dedicated WordPress user, and I am so glad that writers like myself have this kind of high-quality platform to help share our visions. Thank you.





There were a number of other sponsors at the conference, but these are the sponsors that I interacted with the most. I have also done some write-ups about the conference which included other sponsors like tercero wines, Wines of Portugal, and the Santa Barbara County Vintner’s Association.

Cheers, and thank you!

Warm regards,

Valerie Stride

One thought on “Thank you #WBC14 Sponsors!

  1. Krista says:

    Nice post! It’s really important that we remember the sponsors who make this event possible for all of us. It was nice to learn about some new products wine lovers would be interested in.

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