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VinExpo 2015 has come and gone, and I really have no other way of explaining what the experience was like other than by using the word “gongshow” with a positive connotation.

One can spend the entire five days (9am-5pm)  of the expo trying wine, doing business, attending seminars, etc., and no one would never fit it all in.

The expo, which took place in Bordeaux from June 14-18th, 2015, was held at the exhibition centre. There was a full kilometer (yes, 1,000 meters) of wine booths to explore. See, gongshow, right?

As I was carefully making my way through the expo the first day, I was flabberghasted at the amount of moulah that goes into these booths.

I decided that by the end of the show, I was going to have a “top list” of neat booths that went that little extra mile in order to portray themselves. That is what the purpose of this blog is about.

On that note, let’s take a look, ladies and gentleman, at some of the most finely-detailed booths at VinExpo 2015.

Number 8 – Piccini


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











The Piccini booth took on a nite-lounge feel with its dark colours and simple decor.

Number 7 – Catalan Vignerons


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











The Catalan Vignerons booth was bright and inviting. You know you have balls when you make the carpet the colour of sunshine, your theme shape is circular, and the lights remind you of the big fireball in the sky.

Number 6 – V.D.G. Vignerons


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











The V.D.G. Vignerons booth expressed a futuristic-classy feel. Clean lines, curvy shapes, and fun-globular chairs.

Number 5 – Corsica


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











My initial reaction to all the pink was “whoa”. However, after walking past the Corsica booth a few times over the course of the expo, it grew on me. Any wine region that can successfully pull off a pink display can have my vote. It wasn’t tacky, and I didn’t feel like I was at a Barbie convention. Nicely done.

Number 4 – Vins de Provence


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











Vins de Provence did a nifty job of creating a two-part display at VinExpo. One part was a tasting booth open for folks to try a variety of rose wines. The second part was focused for those individual wineries to do business in their own little “plotted” sections. Well-thought out.

Number 3 – Famille Quiot


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











I don’t think I have to say much more than “glass floor” and “Famille Quiot brought their own local dirt”. ‘Spose I could add that their display was just plain classy.

Number 2 – L.D. Vins


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











L.D. Vins deals with some of the top Chateau in Bordeaux. We’re talking Chateau d’Yquem and Lafite Rothschild. So, now that that is said, I absolutely adored the fact that they stayed clean with their display by simply mirroring the wooden oak panels that help to age the lovely wines of Bordeaux. Feel me? Not to mention the fact that they had large-format bottles just stuck in the wall.

Number 1 – Crus et Domaines de France


Photo Copyright © Valerie Stride 2015











Any winery, region reps, or merchants that go to the effort of bringing in a “cellar” with barriques will definitely go under the “we put in the effort” category. Not only did they bring in barrels (as seen in the photo), but they also had amazing cieling art, walls with bottles tactfully hanging out, and engagement rooms made out of walls of glass with wine bottles in them. Need I say more?

Honestly, it was so much fun to try wines and talk to people at VinExpo, but being someone who appreciates decor, I was excited to share some of the best displays with you.

Hope you enjoyed the post!


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4 thoughts on “Top 8 Wine Booths at VinExpo 2015

  1. harriswine says:

    I also thought the Corsica booth was bright and crazy -great marketing. I like your presentation of VinExpo.

    1. Hi Harriswine,
      Yes, great marketing, indeed. It was quite eye-catching. Very different from walking into the dreary tasting rooms outside the exhibition centre! What were some interesting finds for you at the expo? Thanks for reading!

      1. harriswine says:

        I am a big Burgundy fan and I loved coming across the Femmes et Vins d Bourgogne group. I had never heard of it before. I got to chatting with a couple of the winemakers of the group and have a new appreciation for Pouilly-Fuissé. Keep posting, I’ll keep reading, Cheers!

  2. The marketing! Wow! As long as the wine can keep up with the display. 🙂

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