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Sometimes, the Universe leads you to meet interesting people along your journey. And I have met a lot of people in the wine business, having traveled to wine regions in Canada, the United States, Italy, and France. Recently, I had the chance to interview Michal Mosny, winemaker of Winemaker’s CUT wines, and talk about this personal …

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2015 Pinot Blanc – Oraniensteiner – VQA A very fun wine! Bursting with stone and tree fruit, this blended beauty is a lovely sipper for a hot day when chilled to perfection. Oraniensteiner is a German variety that was originally created to make sparkling wines, however, matched with the late harvest Pinot Blanc in this …

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Lunessence Winery in Summerland, BC, is starting to gain some traction in the local wine world. Their motto, “Harmony, from vine to wine”, plays close attention to wine making from the dirt up. As the winery is experimenting with classical music being broadcast throughout the vineyard, Lunessence is utilizing alternative methods, shall we say, to influence …

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An Infographic: Noble Grapes & Their Key Wine Characteristics

June 4, 2015

There are many winelovers out there who wish they could know more about wine. Consistently, I hear the comment, “Oh, I can’t tell the difference between a white and a red wine.” Okay, let’s start with colour, right? But I get it. It’s not about the colour of the wine. It’s about all that mumbo-jumbo that surrounds picking out key characteristics in wine and how those differentiate one varietal from another.

At that point, I usually find myself wanting to demystify those key characteristics because, well, I’m an educator. As such, I’ve created a quick reference guide for (most) of the Noble grape varieties. Noble grapes are also known as “Key Grape Varieties”. Syrah is considered to be a key grape variety as well, but I couldn’t work it into my web. Shout out to Syrah…you know I love you!

For those of you not entirely well-versed in wine, use this to help you on your wine journey. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. There are many more characteristics used to describe these individual wines. The characteristics I have included are the most common for each grape and how that grape shows itself in its final product.

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The Demystified Vine



Eav Vivre is a “family-run boutique winery” that is located in Cawston, BC. They are one of the growing number of wineries located in the Similkameen Valley – an area full of farms, microclimates, and really great soils.   Dale and Geraldine are the proud owners of Eau Vivre. To support the unity between the land …

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