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Vancouver International Wine Festival
Thursday, February 25, 2016





Vini Fantini by Farnese brought the bacon to the festival this year.

The Farnese group has seven companies spread across southern Italy. At this time, Farnese has its wines in over 70 countries worldwide, and the combined production is upwards of 13 million bottles.

As if there weren’t enough gems lying around on tables all over the convention centre, they had to make me weak in the knees by bringing the Nerello Mescalese and Nero d’Avola.



  • was ‘found’ a few hundred years ago
  • comes from the small town of Avola
  • is the most important grape of Sicily
  • loves a hot and dry climate



Say that 5 times really fast. Go!

“Umm. Wow.” So goes my note from the festival. Priced at $19.99, you need no other reason to buy & try this wine other than the fact that it brings amazing value for money. Bright cherry, juicy plum, cigar box, cocoa, and a mocha finish grace the glass. Pair it with your favorite aged cheddars, or with a beef short rib. That is, if you dare to be even more delighted.

Photo by Valerie Stride

Photo by Valerie Stride



Does Nero d’Avola get better than this? I normally buy Nero d’Avola in the $20 CAD price range, as you can find really great examples for that coin. This bottle at the wine fest was priced at $34.99 (available at the BCLDB), and there was definitely a difference as compared to the other available bottles in our market. I am not saying this particular wine was better than the others. I am just saying that it was different; it was different in a more elegant way.

I always see Nero d’Avola as “rose petals and raspberries”, and this particular bottle at the wine fest definitely opened my eyes to how stunning Nero d’Avola can be with a heartier oaking regime. Ripe black cherries, dark chocolate, blackberries, and silky smooth tannin all dance a special dance in this wine. A long, toasty finish keeps you intrigued.

Photo by Valerie Stride

Photo by Valerie Stride

In summary, if you are the kind of #winelover who enjoys new-world Shiraz or a fruity Argentinian Malbec, you should acquaint yourself with this Italian beauty. Remember that there is more to the wine world than just Cabernet or Merlot; there are plenty of adventures to be had in bottles whose grapes mean “the black of Avola”.


The Demystified Vine

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  1. Thanks for sharing your finds! 🙂

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