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The last week of February 2016 will mean that Italy is in Vancouver. Yes, you read that correctly. Vancouver will be hosting a significant number of Italian wineries (among other gems from all over the globe) at the Vancouver International Wine Festival (aka VIWF).


Italy is the “theme” country this year, which means it will be highlighted during educational seminars, lavish wine dinners, and throughout the trade and public tastings that will be happening in and around Vancouver.

I wanted to get a head start on the educational side of things. How demystifiying!

Italy is known for its reds, but the white wines should not go unnoticed. It would be an understatement to say that Italy has one of the most diverse grape-growing cultures on the planet; they grow thousands (and I mean thousands) of different grape varieties in their tiny little country. How amazingly demystifying!

Here are some tweets that I put out to Twitterland not that long ago highlighting some of the grape (ha!) things about Italian wines. Stay tuned for more exciting posts on Italy and the festival. Enjoy!

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Cheers, and see you at the festival!


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